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Week of 01/30 - 02/05

My training log will be posted each week; the dates of the week will be noted in the title of each post. I usually won't go into too much detail, but I will provide (at the very least): mileage, route, and time. If I'm ever really psyched about a workout, I might write at greater length. I'll save the bulk of my writing for posts on my races (race reports) and for posts on running related topics (running reports). Well, here goes.

01/30 (Monday): off (I generally take each Monday off).

01/31 (Tuesday): PM 11.2miles, 1hr:20, 7:10/mile. SMR (Sunday Morning Run) Loop. A nice, flat route through the University campus, the near West side, the Capitol, and a bit South of the city (which includes views of lake Monona, lake Mendota, lake Vilas). 

02/01 (Wednesday): AM 9+ mile, Workout with Josh & Fran: 2 x 2mile repeats, 600m jog in between, 800m. Shell (University indoor track). First two mile repeat in 10:53 (5:27, 5:26); second two mile in 10:36 (5:20, 5:16); 800m in 2:29. Felt good!

02/02 (Thursday): AM 12 miles, 1hr:27, 7:10/mile. Out-and-back from my place to the UW Arboretum. Great morning with lots of sun. PM 5 miles, :35, 7:00/mile. Out-and-back from Berkeley Running Company along the University trail by lake Mendota. 

02/03 (Friday): AM 8+ miles, 10k tempo in 36:05, 5:49/mile. Loop around Monona Bay. Kept a good pace, felt mostly at ease in the first half but needed to work harder during the second half to keep up the pace. 

02/04 (Saturday): AM 20 miles with Hank, 2hr:43, 8:09/mile. I couldn't tell you where we ran. Met at Hanks, did some neighborhood roads, spent some time on the bike trails, went through Middleton at some point. Easy, relaxed pace that felt very refreshing. 

02/05 (Sunday): AM 14 miles with Josh, Fran, & Hank, 1hr:35 mins, 6:49/mile. SMR Loop plus a three mile add-on at the end. The legs felt surprisingly good after a long week.

Totals: 80 miles, 9hr:15. An ideal week of training with just three weeks until the first race of the year!

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