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Week of 02/20 - 02/26

Feb. 20 (Monday): off. Two off days in a row is a rarity! But the legs are liking the rest.

Feb. 21 (Tuesday): AM 8 miles, 0hr:59, 7:20/mile, out-and-back on Cap City Trail. It felt good to be back on my feet after running only once in four days. I took it nice and easy on a nice morning with mild temperatures (low 30s) and little wind.

Feb. 22 (Wednesday): AM 8 miles, 0hr:59, 7:18/mile, out-and-back on Lakefront Trail. It took awhile for me to start feeling good this morning, but I was feeling great by the end. I was a little dazed during the first two miles and it wasn't until the way back that my legs felt loose. I think the lack of running might actually be shocking my legs; it is not common that my legs are rested and it feels a bit odd!

Feb. 23 (Thursday): AM 6 miles, 0hr:40, 6:37/mile, Monona Bay Loop. I was able to maintain roughly 6:40s throughout the run, although I was still a little on the fast side. It felt really smooth.

Feb. 24 (Friday): off

Feb. 25 (Saturday): AM 3.5 miles, 0hr:28, 8:00/mile, Campus Loop (Fort Worth, Tx). Holden and I did the old Tu/Th afternoon route from our cross country days. We took it really easy and my legs were feeling really loose. We did some stretching, drills, etc. afterward. Temps in the 50s and sunshine; a really nice day.

Feb. 26 (Sunday): AM Cowtown Marathon, 2:51:30, 6:33/mile. The weather was all but perfect. Starting temp in the low 40s and finishing temp in the 50s, not a cloud in the sky, a bit of wind. See the post entitled 'Race Report: Cowtown Marathon' for analysis. It's safe to say that I was VERY happy with the results today.

Totals: 55 miles,  6hr:25min.

It is time to rest for a few days before I begin preparing for the Mad City 50k.

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