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03/19 - 03/25

Monday (Mar. 19): off

Tuesday (Mar. 20): PM 8 miles, :59, 7:20/mile, out-and-back around Monona Bay to the Arb. It was really windy this afternoon but otherwise rather pleasant. I think it might have hit 80 degrees and it actually felt too warm (in March, go figure)! Everything felt smooth. The next ten days should keep me well rested for Mad City.

Wednesday (Mar. 21): AM 8.5 miles, 6 x 800m with 200m recovery at the Shell with Fran & Hank. We kept pace evenly for the most part: 2:37, 2:36, 2:37, 2:36, 2:35, 2:38. It was definitely an effort but not too taxing. PM 4.5 miles, :33, 7:20/mile. I ran a few easy miles to loosen up my legs. My left knee had been feeling good this week but it was a bit tight this afternoon. I'll need to stretch and foam roll extensively this week.

Thursday (Mar. 22): off

Friday (Mar. 23): AM 8+ miles, :57, 7:00/mile, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail. I ran miles five and six at (roughly) expected race pace: 6:21, 6:13. Feeling sharp.

Saturday (Mar. 24): AM 12 miles, 1hr:19, 6:37/mile, SMR loop. This was the last substantive run before Mad City. The plan was to run every other mile at around race pace. I ended up running those miles a bit faster than expected race pace (but who knows, maybe race pace will be this fast!); I ran the five "on" miles in 5:51, 5:55, 6:05, 6:02, 5:59. The "off" miles were around 7 minutes per mile. The quicker pace felt pretty smooth, but realistically I don't think I can hold that tempo for a 50k. This was another promising run, though, since I think that a pace a bit slower will be more than manageable.

Sunday (Mar. 25): off

Weekly Totals: 41 miles, 4hr:50. I was able to get more than enough rest this week. Another three days off next week will have me adequately rested for the race. The pain in my left knee subsided this week but I was still having minimal pain in my right foot. Once again, more rest should do the trick.

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