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Week of 02/27 - 03/04

Feb. 27 (Monday): off. I was quite stiff this morning--more so than I expected to be. The soreness wore off, however, after I foam rolled and walked to my office. I was walking normally by the end of the day, although stairs remained a bit of a difficulty.

Feb. 28 (Tuesday): off. I was feeling much better this morning. By the end of the day, my legs were almost back to full recovery.

Feb. 29 (Wednesday): off. Feeling great today. My legs feel fully recovered. Even so, I took an afternoon nap instead of a run just to make sure that I get the proper amount of rest before returning to training.

Mar. 1 (Thursday): AM 8.7 miles, 1hr:04, 7:15/mile, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail. It felt great to be back on the trails. It would have been better if I had kept a slower pace but, as much as I tried, I was unable to go any slower. In fact, I ran the first mile in 7:03--about the same time as my first mile of the Cowtown marathon. Whoops. My legs felt heavy at times, stiff at other times, but quite relaxed during some portions of the run. I'm not fully recovered, but I think a few more days of easy miles will do the trick. I'm hoping to run 15 or 16 on Saturday, but I will first have to see how I feel tomorrow.

Mar. 2 (Friday): AM 7.3 miles, :55, 7:20/mile, Monona Bay Loop. Yesterday my legs started tightening up around mile 7, so I kept my run to just about that today. I started out in worse shape today in that my legs were tight early. But by the end of the run I was feeling better. Recovering slowly but surely.

Mar. 3 (Saturday): AM 12 miles, 1hr:35, 8:00/mile, BRC to Lakefront Trail to Cap City Trail BRC. I ran with Mike's Saturday morning running group, which consisted of about seven of us today. Similar story with my legs as yesterday, except that my they felt *significantly* better at the end of the run today. It snowed four or five inches last night (maybe more) and the trails were more iced over than would have been expected; it made for some slow moving.

Mar. 4 (Sunday): AM 10 miles, 1hr:09, 6:55/mile, SMR to Capitol square +2 added on. I met with Fran at 7am at the store and we did an altered SMR loop. There was more snow over night and it continued into the morning. It was snowing heavy at times during the run but the ice was minimal so the trails weren't too treacherous. This was the first run with a bit of pace since the marathon and I felt good. I'm taking tomorrow off so I think that I will be fully recovered by Tuesday.

Totals for the week: 38 miles, 4hr:55. A conservative week that was much needed. I think I came back at a slow enough pace so that I'll be fully recovered and able to train hard for two weeks before tapering again for Mad City.

February totals: 261+ miles, ~32hours. Not a bad month. I'm expecting to run more miles in March and, as the weather gets warmer, it will be hard not to spend more time on the trails!

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