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03/26 - 04/01

Monday (Mar. 26): off

Tuesday (Mar. 27): AM 8 miles, :59, 7:22/mile, out-and-back along the Lakefront Trail to Picnic Point. Windy conditions this morning with mild temperatures. I hadn't been out to Picnic Point in awhile and it was a welcome view of the city from the newly constructed rock stairs.

Wednesday (Mar. 28): AM 6.6 miles, :42, 6:22/mile, loop around Monona Bay. I ran miles 2-6 at anticipated race pace, which ended up being about 6:10/mile. Felt smooth.

Thursday (Mar. 29): off

Friday (Mar. 30): AM 4 miles, :30, 7:30/mile, out-and-back on Cap City Trail. A few easy miles to loosen up the legs. I feel more than adequately rested.

Saturday (Mar. 31): AM Mad City 50K, 3:21:49, 6:29/mile. Overall, I wasn't disappointed with the result but I was disappointed the way I ran the race. I really didn't stick to my race plan and so I ended up burning out in the last 15k. See the Mad City race report for more on my 4th place finish.

Sunday (April 1): off

Weekly Totals: 51+ miles, ~5hr:30. A race this early in the year was good for two reasons: it served as a indication of my fitness and it was a great learning experience. I'm now ready to increase my mileage for the next three months. I have three races over the next two months but all are for training purposes. I expect, then, to start hitting weekly mileage in the triple digits.

March Totals: 293+ miles, ~35 hours. March was another strong month. However, I hope to run closer to 400  miles in each of the next few months. I'm looking forward to training for my next two races (an 8k and a half marathon) and improving my speed.

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