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04/09 - 04/15

Last week (04/01 - 04/08) I only ran about 20 miles, which isn't worth posting about. I mostly took it easy and allowed my legs to recover from Mad City (they felt beat up). Back to it this week.

Monday (April 9): AM 10 miles, 1hr:11, 7:05/mile, out-and-back on Cap City Trail to E-ways. Faster than planned but my body held up well; I had a bit of tightness and pain in my hamstrings around miles 7 and 8, so clearly my legs are still not fully recovered.

Tuesday (April 10): off. General fatigue and heavy legs are a good combination for a day off.

Wednesday (April 11): AM 13 miles, 10k tempo in 36:40 with Fran around the Arb. Legs still feeling a little heavy on a cold morning, but they were responsive enough to run some sub-6 minute miles. PM 6 miles, :44, 7:20/mile, along Monona Lake to Turville Point. This is the best my legs have felt since Mad City. I should be able to start bumping up mileage without a problem.

Thursday (April 12): AM 20 miles, 2hrs:20:24, 7:01/mile, out-and-back on the Military Ridge Trail from Mt. Horeb just past Barneveld. My legs felt great. The lingering feet issues I was having also seem to have subsided. This was the first long run in which I wore my Montrails and I was very pleased; they were super responsive! I did 6 x 30 second pick-ups in the later miles. Beautiful day: sunny, minimal wind, and open trails. PM 6 miles, :45, 7:30/mile, along Monona Lake To Turville Point. Incredible deer sighting! I turned a corner and was staring at three deer that were less than ten feet from me. They initially froze and then I was able to stand and watch them slowly walk away. I wish I had had my camera.

Friday (April 13): AM 21 miles, 3hrs, 8:40/mile, Devil's Lake State Park and Ice Age Trail. My legs were a little sore from the past two days (45 miles), so I was extremely happy with how responsive they were, and with how they held up, on some rugged and often technical trails. I had to battle constant fly attacks the first two miles around the lake (I guess they are hatching this time of year?) and then climbed 500 feet up a bluff in about a half mile around mile three. The trail then took me down the backside of the bluff and I picked up the Ice Age Trail around miles six. The terrain was very challenging, which was perfect for a tough training run, but I had a mildly severe ankle twist around mile eight. Part of the trail was still covered with leaves and so picking through the roots and rocks was extra challenging; I stopped paying attention for a minute and rolled over my right ankle pretty hard. I was able to keep running -- and finish the run -- but it's quite swollen now. Hopefully it won't keep me from finishing a strong week.

Saturday (April 14): PM 10 miles, 1hr:14, 7:28/mile, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail. I was able to run late in the day after icing my ankle sufficiently to get the swelling down. It was rough going the first few miles, as my ankle was causing a bit of discomfort, but it felt much better by the end of the run.

Sunday (April 15): AM 14 miles, 1hr:35, 6:48/mile, SMR loop with Fran plus three miles. It was a warm, humid morning, which didn't bode well for me since I was already dehydrated. I was pleased with the way my legs and ankle felt (not tired or sore, minimal pain) but my body was taking a beating. The last three miles were super relaxed but during the 11 mile loop we maintained sub 6:40s for most of the way.

Weekly Totals: 100 miles, 12hrs:30. This was an excellent week of training. A few hard efforts, back-to-back-to-back long efforts (66 miles in three days), and little soreness. I need many more weeks like this (or better!) over the next few months.

                                     A view outside of Mt. Horeb from the Military Ridge Trail.

Plenty of mud to go around at Devil's Lake.

Trails can be treacherous. 

Finally, a great running commercial:

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