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04/23 - 04/29

Monday (April 23): off. My achilles is finally feeling nearly back to normal. I'll give it a try tomorrow.

Tuesday (April 24): AM 10 miles, 8 mile tempo in 47:04, 5:53/mile, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail to the E-ways. The first mile or two I felt slight discomfort; well, not even discomfort really, just some pressure in my achilles that wouldn't normally be present. I did begin to feel some discomfort on mile 8 of the tempo and on the one-mile cool down I felt more severe pain. I'm a bit worried but, fortunately, I was at Berkeley earlier today and Rolando suggested a remedy: a small brace with achilles support and a heel insert. He has had similar achilles trouble the last few months and said that, with this combination, he was able to run pain free until the healing was complete. I'll try it. 

Wednesday (April 25): off. My achilles tendon was quite sore and so I held off on my planned speed work. Damn!

Thursday (April 26): AM 12 miles, 1hr:26, 7:06/mile, out-and-back on the Military Ridge Trail from Mt. Horeb to Blue Mounds State Park. I tried out the brace today with mostly positive results. There was plenty of discomfort the first mile but it didn't feel like I was re-aggrevating the injury every step like it did when I had been running without the brace. Anyway, it was nice to spend some time on the trails. PM 8 miles, :57, 7:09/mile, out-and-back along Monona Bay to the Arb. Once again, the first mile was painful but the miles thereafter were mostly pain free. I take it that the tendon needs to get loosened up a bit and the pain that I feel in the first mile is mostly tightness. 

Friday (April 27): PM 7 miles, :50, 7:10/mile, along Lake Monona to Turville Point. It was a pleasant evening for some easy miles. I threw in 5 x 30secs of hard effort (around 5min/mile pace) to wake up my legs for the 8k tomorrow. My achilles is finally feeling better!

Saturday (April 28): AM 15 miles, Crazylegs 8k in 27:35, 5:31/mile. The conditions were less than ideal (wind + cold + rain = less than ideal) but I was happy with my effort today. For more, see my Race Report: Crazylegs 8k.

Sunday (April 29): AM 11 miles, 1hr:12, 6:33/mile, SMR loop. Both my achilles and my legs were sore from yesterday so I was most pleased with my morning run. Since I wasn't able to run as many miles this week (due to the injury), a moderately fast run after a hard effort was a good way to get the most out of training this week.

Weekly Totals: 63 miles, 7hrs. I was able to get three hard runs in this week: an 8 mile tempo, a 5 mile race, and an 11 mile middle distance run. Even though my mileage was low, I think I benefitted considerably from the faster pace. My achilles is almost back to 100% so I'll try to get back to 100+ mile weeks starting next week.

April Totals: 244 miles, ~30 hours. I shouldn't have expected over 300 miles this month given that I took almost a full week off following Mad City. Then there was the injury, which limited me to ~60 miles a week for two weeks. Given the injury and the time off, I can't be too unhappy with my training in April. In May and June, however, I ought to cover close to 800 miles (assuming no injuries!).

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