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Race Report: Crazylegs Classic 8k

As a training run, I was very pleased with Crazylegs; as a race, less pleased. I placed 23rd overall in 27:35 (5:31/mile). My pacing was less than ideal but I managed: 5:09, 5:43, 5:27, 5:46, 5:27. Having run 20 miles on Thursday, my legs were a bit heavy but I felt that they responded well enough. I was most pleased with the fact that I was able to rebound (so to speak) on miles 3 and 5. In the past, I've had a difficult time picking up the pace after I've settled into a comfort zone. At mile two there is a rather steep climb and instead of pushing hard I eased up and stayed comfortable; that I was able to return to a decent pace for mile three was promising. After a hairpin turn at mile three, I allowed myself to return to a comfort zone and, as such, I lost contact with a small group (this group of four finished about ten seconds in front of me). But, once again, I was very pleased by my ability to return to a quicker pace in the final mile. Today was a promising result: I did a much better job of pushing through bouts of pain than I have previously.

The half marathon next weekend should also serve as a great training run but, hopefully, I'm physically and mentally able to run a stronger race.

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