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05/07 - 05/13

Monday (May 7): off.

Tuesday (May 8): AM 10 miles, loops around the Arb, 1hr:18, 7:50/mile. The first three or four miles were sluggish on a warm, humid morning. I had a good time exploring more of the South Arb. PM 10 miles, 8 x 60sec pick-ups, along Lake Monona to Turville Point (loops around Turville trails), 1hr:10, 7/mile. I felt much better this afternoon. I threw in a few pick-ups while on the trails and my legs responded well.

Wednesday (May 9): AM 10 miles, 3 mile float workout in 16:50 plus 2 x 200m. Nice morning. I finished three "float" miles then ended with Fran for two more 200s. 35 - 37secs for 200m "on", 45-48secs for 200m "off." PM 10 miles, 1hr:11, 7:09/mile, out-and-back around Monona Bay to the Arb. Easy miles on a cool evening.

Thursday (May 10): AM 25 miles, 3hr:30, 8:25/mile, trails around Devil's Lake. It was a beautiful day on some rugged trails. I had a few ankle rolls but nothing so severe that I was unable to keep running. I explored more of the trails around Devil's Lake and was rewarded will nice views, fun trails, and steep climbs.

Friday (May 11): AM 8 miles, :59, 7:25/mile, out-and-back on Cap City Trail. Trying to stay loose after yesterday's effort and before the 3 x 3mile workout tomorrow.

Saturday (May 12): AM 16 miles, 3 x 3mile repeats @ 18:18, 18:02, 17:57 around Forest Park. Girls On the Run 5k in downtown St. Louis. Awesome workout. Splits were thus: 6:19, 6:02, 5:57 -- mile off (7:05) -- 6:07, 5:58, 5:57 -- mile off (7:11) -- 5:49, 6:01, 6:07. It was great to be running in Forest Park again and the morning conditions were splendid. I felt really smooth and the pace was far from taxing. Later in the morning I joined my sister at Girls On The Run. I ran with two of the girls on the team -- Lily and Mary -- for a 5k in 29 minutes. Impressive for 4th and 5th graders!

Sunday (May 13): 10+ miles, 1hr:17, 7:40/mile, Lewis and Clark Trail. I love this trail out west of St. Louis along the bluffs. There are a bunch of steep climbs and some really technical terrain. It was a moderate effort on a warm afternoon.

Weekly Totals: 99+, 12hrs:30. Great week: a few strong workouts, long run, moderately high mileage. Also, my achilles seems to be 100% again. Bring on the training!

Overlooking Devil's Lake from the East Bluff after a muddy affair. 

Pines and sunshine on the Ice Age Trail near Devil's Lake.
My running partners. These girls rocked!

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