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05/14 - 05/20

Monday (May 14): off

Tuesday (May 15): AM 12 miles, 1hr:26, 7:11/mile, out-and-back on Cap City Trail through the E-ways. It was a nice morning and I felt pretty good. The miles felt relaxed easy. PM 10 miles, 1hr:17, 7:38/mile, 5 x Turville sled hill (backside) and 5 x Woods hill. I'm going to start running hill repeats every week, and eventually multiple times a week, in preparation for the Voyageur. I plan to be much more prepared for that course this time around; hill repeats will be crucial in preparation.

Wednesday (May 16): AM 10 miles, 1 x mile and 3 x 800m. Mile in 5:25, 800s in 2:44, 2:37, 2:39. The plan was 4 x 1 mile. I felt dehydrated and tired and it was obvious in the first 800 that I was not going to complete the workout. I managed to do 2.5 miles of decent speedwork though. Later in the day I napped for six hours. I didn't realize how fatigued I was from the weekend getaway to St. Louis. Better to find out this morning than in the race this weekend. Time to rest up more.

Thursday (May 17): AM 12 miles, 1hr:38, 8:00/mile, Indian Lake Trails. I had planned to run 15 but my legs starting feeling tight around mile 9 so I finished early. The trails around Indian Lake are nice and rolly, with many of them protected from the sun in the woods. Great views!

Friday (May 18): AM 10 miles, 1hr:12, 7:14/mile, out-and-back on Military Ridge Trail from Mt. Horeb. Ran really comfortably on a sun-filled morning after twelve hours of sleep. I was trying to stay smooth and loosen up for tomorrow's race. I did a much better job of listening to my body this week and I think that this will pay off tomorrow since my legs are feeling good.

Saturday (May 19): AM 22 miles, Syttende Mai 20 Mile Run, 2nd place, 2:08:49, 6:27/mile. It's difficult to be disappointed with 2nd but, alas, it could have gone better. For what it's worth, the course was long this year--closer to 20.5 miles. See my Race Report: Syttende Mai 20 Mile Run for more.

Sunday (May 20): AM 19 miles, 2hrs:36, 8:15/mile, Ice Age Trail in Kettle Moraine Park. I joined Hank, his wife, and his daughter for a trip over to Kettle Moraine. We started running at 8am and it got really warm really fast. I did a nice job hydrating (70 oz water, 5 S!Caps) and, surprisingly, my legs felt amazing. I felt really comfortable throughout and especially during the second half of the run. Great way to finish the week.

Weekly Totals: 95 miles, ~12 hours. That's three 90+ mile weeks with three races to boot. My body seems to be responding well to the mileage, and the racing, which is great. I have one more race next weekend--the Madison Marathon--before focusing exclusively on training for the Voyageur 50.

Running a loop around Indian Lake on Thursday morning.

The sun rising over the bluffs.

A view from the bluff with Indian Lake below.

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