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06/04 - 06/10

I'm working in Illinois, just outside of Alton, for the next six weeks. The upshot is that I'll have a bunch of empty country roads to explore; the bad news is that I'll have less access to trails. Some of my runs, generally on the weekends, will be on trails West of St. Louis. In any case, I look forward to a change of scenary after training in Madison for almost a year straight.

Monday (June 4): AM 10.5 miles, 1hr:14, 7:03/mile, Wydown Road to Forest Park. I'm feeling really tired from the trip last week but was able to run some fairly brisk miles early.

Tuesday (June 5): AM 11 miles, 2 x 3 mile in 18:04, 17:31. PM 9 miles, 1hr:06, 7:22/mile, out-and-back along Mounty Beach Rd. I was still feeling tired this morning (I need more sleep!) and so the first three mile segment was slow. The second segment felt much better and I ended the workout after two repeats.

Wednesday (June 6): AM 10 miles, 1hr:15, 7:32/mile, out-and-back along Country Rd. Once again I was feeling burnt out but I managed to get the miles in (albeit, slow miles).

Thursday (June 7): PM 8.5 miles, 1hr:02, 7:20/mile, 10 x 200m hill. The workout was going really well until a felt a sharp pain in my lower right leg after the seventh repeat. I first thought that it was an achilles issue (not again!), only to discover that it was a lower calf strain. This was preferable news, I suppose, but certainly not good news. I'll have to keep an eye out to make sure that this doesn't turn into a larger problem.

Friday (June 8): PM 11 miles, 1hr:21, 7:23/mile, out-and-back along Country Rd. I waited until the afternoon to run in order to let my calf rest a bit more; it didn't feel too bad during the run.

Saturday (June 9): AM 13.3 miles, 1hr:40, 7:34/mile, Otterville Rd. to Pere Marquette. I didn't get out the door until 10 am and it made for a very warm run. Lots of rolling hills and tons of exposure to the sunshine kept this one taxing.

Sunday (June 10): AM 15 miles, 2hrs:10, 8:40/mile, out-and-back on the Chubb Trail. I was feeling quite fatigued throughout this run so I mostly took it easy. I felt good at a few points and tried to work up some of the steeper inclines. Not a bad run.

Weekly Totals: 88+ miles, ~11 hours. This was a nice transition week between a low mileage week and the final month of heavy training. The right calf strain held me back a bit, but I'm hopeful that it will heal itself over the next week and I'll be back to one hundred percent.

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