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06/11 - 06/17

Monday (June 11): AM 7 miles, 12 x 200m repeats in 35 - 37 seconds with 120m easy jog in between. From the first few steps of the warm up until the end of the cool down I didn't feel great. My right calf started giving me trouble after the eighth repetition. The pain was pretty sharp and my gait changed slightly during the cool down because of it.

Tuesday (June 12): off. My lower right calf was swollen and sore today so I swam 23 minutes in the morning and 24 minutes in the evening totaling about 1.5 miles.

Wednesday (June 13): PM 11 miles, 1hr:23, 7:33/mile, out-and-back along Beaty Rd. Was almost killed by a few farm dogs along the way but I managed to survive. My calf was still acting up a bit, especially towards the end of the run, but it is feeling a bit better. I also swam 28 minutes in the morning.

Thursday (June 14): PM 12 miles, 1hr: 27, 7:11/mile, out-and-back along Wydown Rd. to Forest Park. I ran around 5pm and it was extremely warm--near 90 degrees. I'll try to run during warmer hours a few times a week over the next month and a half in order to prepare for what could be a very warm day on July 28th. My calf is feeling better still. Also swam 31 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the afternoon.

Friday (June 15): PM 9 miles, 6 x double Lodi Rd hill, 1hr:05, 7:10/mile. Finally, the injury seems to have subsided! And I had a great workout to boot. The Lodi hills that I ran are back-to-back inclines with about a 75 flat stretch in between; one hill is about 200m while the other is around 125m--the latter being the steeper of the two. I was able to maintain a six and a half minute mile during the workout. Once again, I went for a swim, going 33 minutes in the early afternoon.

Saturday (June 16): AM 21 miles, 3hrs:10, 9:00/mile, Lewis and Clark trails. I first ran the five mile loop with my friend, and temporary employer, Kevin Melnuk, in about 43 minutes. I then bumped into a group of Big River Running Company runners and ran one eight mile loop with three of them in 72 minutes followed by a second eight mile loop with Mike Orrico in around 75 minutes. The pace was mostly easy and I felt strong on the climbs. I was mostly focused on time on my feet for this one.

Sunday (June 17): AM 13 miles, twelve miles in 1hr:24, 7:00/mile, out-and-back along Wydown Rd. to Forest Park. I ran a mile or so with my dad, who recently began running again, which was a nice way to spend Father's Day morning. I then ran twelve as the temperatures crept into the upper-80s. Another warm run. Oh, and no calf problems!

Weekly Totals: 73 miles, 9hrs:30. I had to keep my mileage down this week because of the calf injury but positives remain: the injury subsided by the end of the week and I was able to improve my strength with some miles in the water and lots of core work.

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