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07/16 - 07/22

Monday (July 16): off. A welcome break after 14 days on.

Tuesday (July 17): AM 11+ miles, 1hr:30, 8:10/mile, out-and-back on the Katy Trail, Rhineland, MO. Easy miles with Kevin.

Wednesday (July 18): AM 10+ miles, 1hr:17, 7:40/mile, 9 x double hill, Rhineland, MO. Found a nice double hill around the lake similar to the Lodi hill. Felt strong.

Thursday (July 19): AM 13+ miles, 1hr:32, 6:56/mile, Wydown Rd to Forest Park loop, St. Louis, MO. Some quicker miles on a warm morning.

Friday (July 20): off. My legs could use the rest and I was traveling to Madison, WI today.

Saturday (July 21): AM 15 miles, 2hrs:03, 8:14/mile, Devil's Lake, WI. The bluffs and rolling terrain felt much more manageable due, in large part, I'm sure, to a few months of hill repeats and a week out West. Good news!

Sunday (July 22): AM 11 miles, 1hr:18, 7:09/mile, SMR with Travis Pernsteiner, Madison, WI. I was feeling a little weak from running, a bit of farm work, and a lack of calories yesterday, but we managed to maintain a decent clip. PM Capitol Mile, 4minutes 39seconds, 10th place (?). I did some PR for Berkeley by running the Capitol Mile. I'm uncertain of my place and the exact time, but it's close enough. I'll update if I'm able to find my time and place online.

Weekly Totals: 61 miles,  ~7hrs:45. My body was a bit tired, especially early in the week, but I'm feeling more rested now. I should be feeling just right this Saturday--so far, race prep has gone well.

My job has its perks. 

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