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08/20 - 08/26

Mileage at 7,000'+ feet does not come easy. I was reminded of that this week, as I was quite fatigued from the effort last week and the continued miles. A very good way to practice running tired though!

Monday (Aug. 20): off. Rather fatigued.
Tuesday (Aug. 21): PM 2hrs:10, 15-16 miles, loop from Schultz Creek Trail to Arizona Trail to Fort Valley Trail to Moto Trail to the Poker Trail to Chimney Trail and back down Schultz Creek. I was still quite fatigued today. Spent most of the day sleeping or lounging.
Wednesday (Aug. 22): AM 1hr:04, ~8 miles, out-and-back on the Schultz Creek Trail to Rocky Ridge Trail to the Brookbank Trailhead. Felt a bit stronger on the run this morning. I pushed the pace and made in to Brookbank Trail over three minutes faster than my previous best time. PM 1hrs:48, ~13 miles, out-and-back on Schultz Creek Trail to Sunset Trail. Tired from the morning effort but did a nice job of staying strong on the climbs.
Thursday (Aug. 23): AM :45, ~7 miles, 3 mile "float workout" in 17:59 (5:52, 6:00, 6:07). 200m "on" at 36 - 39 secs, 200m "off" at 48 - 54 secs. The legs were definitely heavy but it was good to get the legs moving. 17 min warmup on the infield and 10 min cool down. AM :38, ~4 leisurely miles with my cousin. Some easy miles on pavement for the first time since I've been in Flagstaff.
Friday (Aug. 24): AM 2hrs:20, ~10 miles, out-and-back on the Humphreys Peak Trail from Snowbowl (~9,200') to the Weatherford Trail (~12,000) to the summit of Humphreys Peak (12, 637'). PM 1hr, 7-8 miles, out-and-back on the Schultz Creek Trail. 1hr:23 to summit, 17 minutes better than a plebeian 1hr:40 last week. Averaged 15min/mile for the first four miles and 23 minutes on the final mile along the rim; 56 minutes on the decent (9 minutes better than last week). All told, I think I could get closer or below 1hr:10 to the summit with another go.
Saturday (Aug. 25): PM 3hrs, 20-21 miles, out-and-back from the Schultz Creek Trailhead (~7,100) to the Sunset Trail to the Weatherford Trail (up to ~9,600'). Still quite tired; slept all morning. Lots of climbing on this one and it was tough.
Sunday (Aug. 26): AM 1hr:45, ~12 miles, Rocky Ridge Trail to Brookbank Trail to Schultz Loop to Dry Lake Hills Trail to Schultz Creek Trail. Super early run (about a 5:30am start) and my legs, body, lungs, and basically every functioning organ were really burnt out from the effort the last two weeks. Made it through.

Weekly Totals: ~14hrs:30, somewhere between (roughly) 96 to 99 miles. With a day off, I'm happy with the mileage. Lots of positives, especially the number of tired miles. Time to begin to relax and ease up in preparation for TNF Madison.

Humphreys Peak from Elden Lookout Rd. Flagstaff, AZ.

At the intersection of Humphreys Peak Trail and the Weatherford Trail (~12,000').

A few "no-no's" on the Humphreys Peak Trail.

Humphreys Peak (12,637'), high above the clouds.


08/13 - 08/19

What a week! Have a look:

Monday (Aug. 13): AM 1hr, 8 x 400 @ 77secs, 75, 76, 77, 76, 76, 75, 71 with 120m jog rest between sets. ~7 miles. Finally feeling strong on the track after a few weeks at altitude. 20 min warm up running barefoot on the infield; 20 min cool down running barefoot on the infield. PM 1hr:30, out-and-back on Schultz Creek Trail to Rocky Ridge Trail to Brookbank Trail. ~10 easy miles in the afternoon.
Tuesday (Aug. 14): PM 2hrs, out-and-back on Schultz Creek Trail to Arizona Trail. ~14 miles on rolling single track running between 7,800' and 8,200'.
Wednesday (Aug. 15): Something new today: 3 x 1hr with a few hour break between runs. The idea is to run plenty of miles but at a faster pace. AM 1hr, Schultz Creek Trail to Poker Trail; PM 1hr, Schultz Creek Trail; PM 1hr Schultz Creek Trail to Rocky Ridge Trail. 22-23 miles total.
Thursday (Aug. 16): AM 2 hour mountain bike ride from Snowbowl down the Arizona trail to Elden Lookout Rd. My uncle, cousin, and I took out the bikes on a sunny morning that turned stormy (it was a blast riding in the rain) for my uncle's birthday. PM 1hr:10 Schultz Creek Trail to Sunset Trailhead. 8-9 miles. Some easy miles in the late afternoon as the storm subsided.
Friday (Aug. 17): AM 3hrs:30, from Snowbowl (9,200') up Humphrey's Trail to Weatherford Trail to the summit of Humphrey's Peak (12,637'), then down the Weatherford Trail behind Agassiz Peak (12,356') and back down Humphrey's Trail. ~13 miles. It took 1hr:40 to ascend ~3,400' in five miles. I averaged roughly 15min/mile the first three miles, 26mins on the fourth mile and 29mins on the fifth mile. The latter part of the trail (roughly the last two miles) was mostly un-runnable--super steep! I wanted to get a feel for this trail today in the hopes of running it hard next week; I hope to summit in under 1hr:30.
Saturday (Aug. 18): AM 5hrs, Schultz Creek Trail (trailhead at ~7,100') to Arizona Trail up to Snowbowl (~9,200'); across the base of Agassiz Peak on the Kachina Trail and then down the Weatherford Trail to the Sunset Trailhead, across Schultz Loop Trail to the Dry Hills Lake Trail and back down Schultz Creek Trail. 31-32 miles. Excellent run! Per usual, I was caught in an afternoon monsoon but much enjoyed running the wet trails. I was reduced to hiking a number of times on the Kachina Trail between miles 14 and 21, as I had hit a low point, but bounced back to finish strong over the last hour and a half.
Sunday (Aug. 19): AM 3hrs:35, Rocky Ridge Trail to the Brookbank Trail to Sunset Trail up to Mt. Elden (9,299'), back down Sunset Trail and the down Little Bear Trail to Little Elden Springs Trail past Schultz Tank to the Schultz Creek Trail. 22-23 miles. It was quite a battle today and, I submit, probably the most beneficial run I've ever had. The first hour and a half was plain torture: my body was tired, I climbed ~2,100' feet, and I was mentally drained. But I was able to overcome the fatigue and run well the last two hours. Good stuff.

Weekly Totals: 20hrs:45, somewhere between (roughly) 127 and 131 miles. A fantastic week: altitude, speed work, TONS of hill work, and TONS of miles. The only way to make it better: follow it up with another great week!

Friday's agenda: Humphrey's Peak. Snowbowl, AZ.

At the top of Humphrey's Trail (~12,000'), overlooking the San. Fran. Peaks.

Agassiz Peak, as seen from Humphrey's Peak.

A hop, a skip, and a fall on the Kachina Trail.

Beautiful Aspen trees at 9,000' on the Kachina Trail, AZ.

A view of Mt. Elden (9,299') from the Sunset Trail, AZ.

More difficult for horses, moderately difficult for runners.


08/06 - 08/12

I'm staying at the house of my aunt and uncle in Flagstaff this month and their location, in the foothills of the San Francisco Peaks, is ideal for trail running. For a glimpse into the extensive trail systems in and around Flagstaff, you can explore this link:

Monday (Aug. 6): off. After a big weekend (6+ hours of running) and a long week, I was in need of a break.
Tuesday (Aug. 7): PM 1hr:30, out-and-back on the Schultz Creek Trail to the Arizona Trail.
Wednesday (Aug. 8): PM 12 x 200m @ 37 seconds each, 120m jog rest. It was nice to feel a little speed! PM 1hr, out-and-back on the Schultz Creek Trail to the Rocky Ridge Trail. Wonderful views on Rocky Ridge.
Thursday (Aug. 9): PM 2hrs, out-and-back on the Schultz Creek Trail to the Arizona Trail. Some good climbing the first 3.5 miles (1,100') followed by a mountain traverse.
Friday (Aug. 10): PM 1hr:22, out-and-back down 28th street to Baseline Rd up Flagstaff Trail, Boulder, CO. An enjoyable return to the Boulder trails during a visit to see my sister. Flagstaff mtn summit at ~7,000', Flagstaff Trailhead at ~5,800'.
Saturday (Aug. 11): AM 2hrs, easy hiking with my sisters and mom up and around Mt. Sanitas (~6,900'). My run yesterday finished at 7:30pm and I was still feeling a bit fatigued today so I took it easy.
Sunday (Aug. 12): AM 3hrs:10, Mesa Trail from Chautauqua Park to South Mesa Trailhead, up and back Doudy Draw Trail, across the Community Ditch Trail, down the Marshall Mesa Trail and along Marshall Road to the South Boulder Creek Trail until Baseline Rd, west on Baseline and up 28th. A long, leisurely Sunday run in warm temperatures and sunshine.

Weekly Totals: ~12 hours. In all likelihood, fewer miles this week than last. The altitude adjustment seems to have manifested itself so the next few weeks should include considerably more time on the trails.

Green Mountain as seen from Mt. Sanitas, Boulder, CO.

The Flatirons, Boulder, CO.

The cousins, Flagstaff, AZ.


07/30 - 08/05

I traveled toward Flagstaff, AZ early in the week, spending a night in Texas on the way, before visiting the Grand Canyon and finally settling back in Flagstaff. Here's the scoop:

Monday (July 30): 1hr:25, Wydown Rd. to Forest Park loop, St. Louis, MO. Legs felt fine after the half race Saturday.
Tuesday (July 31): 1hr, Palo Duro State Park, TX. Easy miles, warm morning.
Wednesday (Aug. 1): 1hr, easy hike on Grand View Trail (Trailhead at 7,250'), Grand Canyon, AZ.
Thursday (Aug. 2): 2hrs:20, up and down Bright Angel Trail (Trailhead at 6,850'), Grand Canyon, AZ. Around 7,000' of elevation change up and down the canyon.
Friday (Aug. 3): 1hr, easy miles, Schultz Creek Canyon Trail, Flagstaff, AZ. Trailhead at around 7,100'
Saturday (Aug. 4): 2hrs:40, Schultz Creek to Arizona Trail, Flagstaff, AZ. Some hiking, mostly running on beautiful single track.
Sunday (Aug. 5): 3hrs:25, Schultz Creek to Sunset Trail to Elden Lookout Point (9,299'), down Brookbank Trail to Schultz Loop and back down the Schultz Creek Trail. Great scenery, fun run. I was caught in a wicked rain storm for the last two hours.

Weekly Totals: 12hrs:50. I imagine that I ran between 80 and 90 miles but that's only speculative. I'm more concerned with running free this month!

The Grand Canyon, as seen from the South Rim.

A wonderful view of (a portion of) the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, AZ.

The incoming monsoon on Sunday (from the ridge up to Elden Mtn.), Flagstaff, AZ.

What is becoming a common practice: camping, Grand Canyon, AZ.


In Review: July training

The month of July brought mixed results. The positives included some higher mileage weeks and another racing experiences; the main negative was a DNF in the Voyageur 50. My monthly mileage (350 miles) and total running time (~45 hours) break down as follows:

07/02 - 07/08: 100 miles, ~13 hours
07/09 - 07/15: 111 miles, ~14 hours
07/16 - 07/22: 61 miles, 7hrs:45
07/23 - 07/29 (race week): 58 miles, 7hrs:40
07/30, 07/31: 20 miles, 2hrs:30

Monthly Totals: 350 miles, ~45 hours.

Now in Flagstaff and running exclusively trails for the month, I'm looking forward to a high mileage month with no races. In an effort to enjoy the trails, scenery, and final month before the fall semester begins, I plan to leave my GPS watch at home and run only for total time.