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07/30 - 08/05

I traveled toward Flagstaff, AZ early in the week, spending a night in Texas on the way, before visiting the Grand Canyon and finally settling back in Flagstaff. Here's the scoop:

Monday (July 30): 1hr:25, Wydown Rd. to Forest Park loop, St. Louis, MO. Legs felt fine after the half race Saturday.
Tuesday (July 31): 1hr, Palo Duro State Park, TX. Easy miles, warm morning.
Wednesday (Aug. 1): 1hr, easy hike on Grand View Trail (Trailhead at 7,250'), Grand Canyon, AZ.
Thursday (Aug. 2): 2hrs:20, up and down Bright Angel Trail (Trailhead at 6,850'), Grand Canyon, AZ. Around 7,000' of elevation change up and down the canyon.
Friday (Aug. 3): 1hr, easy miles, Schultz Creek Canyon Trail, Flagstaff, AZ. Trailhead at around 7,100'
Saturday (Aug. 4): 2hrs:40, Schultz Creek to Arizona Trail, Flagstaff, AZ. Some hiking, mostly running on beautiful single track.
Sunday (Aug. 5): 3hrs:25, Schultz Creek to Sunset Trail to Elden Lookout Point (9,299'), down Brookbank Trail to Schultz Loop and back down the Schultz Creek Trail. Great scenery, fun run. I was caught in a wicked rain storm for the last two hours.

Weekly Totals: 12hrs:50. I imagine that I ran between 80 and 90 miles but that's only speculative. I'm more concerned with running free this month!

The Grand Canyon, as seen from the South Rim.

A wonderful view of (a portion of) the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, AZ.

The incoming monsoon on Sunday (from the ridge up to Elden Mtn.), Flagstaff, AZ.

What is becoming a common practice: camping, Grand Canyon, AZ.

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