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08/06 - 08/12

I'm staying at the house of my aunt and uncle in Flagstaff this month and their location, in the foothills of the San Francisco Peaks, is ideal for trail running. For a glimpse into the extensive trail systems in and around Flagstaff, you can explore this link:

Monday (Aug. 6): off. After a big weekend (6+ hours of running) and a long week, I was in need of a break.
Tuesday (Aug. 7): PM 1hr:30, out-and-back on the Schultz Creek Trail to the Arizona Trail.
Wednesday (Aug. 8): PM 12 x 200m @ 37 seconds each, 120m jog rest. It was nice to feel a little speed! PM 1hr, out-and-back on the Schultz Creek Trail to the Rocky Ridge Trail. Wonderful views on Rocky Ridge.
Thursday (Aug. 9): PM 2hrs, out-and-back on the Schultz Creek Trail to the Arizona Trail. Some good climbing the first 3.5 miles (1,100') followed by a mountain traverse.
Friday (Aug. 10): PM 1hr:22, out-and-back down 28th street to Baseline Rd up Flagstaff Trail, Boulder, CO. An enjoyable return to the Boulder trails during a visit to see my sister. Flagstaff mtn summit at ~7,000', Flagstaff Trailhead at ~5,800'.
Saturday (Aug. 11): AM 2hrs, easy hiking with my sisters and mom up and around Mt. Sanitas (~6,900'). My run yesterday finished at 7:30pm and I was still feeling a bit fatigued today so I took it easy.
Sunday (Aug. 12): AM 3hrs:10, Mesa Trail from Chautauqua Park to South Mesa Trailhead, up and back Doudy Draw Trail, across the Community Ditch Trail, down the Marshall Mesa Trail and along Marshall Road to the South Boulder Creek Trail until Baseline Rd, west on Baseline and up 28th. A long, leisurely Sunday run in warm temperatures and sunshine.

Weekly Totals: ~12 hours. In all likelihood, fewer miles this week than last. The altitude adjustment seems to have manifested itself so the next few weeks should include considerably more time on the trails.

Green Mountain as seen from Mt. Sanitas, Boulder, CO.

The Flatirons, Boulder, CO.

The cousins, Flagstaff, AZ.

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