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08/13 - 08/19

What a week! Have a look:

Monday (Aug. 13): AM 1hr, 8 x 400 @ 77secs, 75, 76, 77, 76, 76, 75, 71 with 120m jog rest between sets. ~7 miles. Finally feeling strong on the track after a few weeks at altitude. 20 min warm up running barefoot on the infield; 20 min cool down running barefoot on the infield. PM 1hr:30, out-and-back on Schultz Creek Trail to Rocky Ridge Trail to Brookbank Trail. ~10 easy miles in the afternoon.
Tuesday (Aug. 14): PM 2hrs, out-and-back on Schultz Creek Trail to Arizona Trail. ~14 miles on rolling single track running between 7,800' and 8,200'.
Wednesday (Aug. 15): Something new today: 3 x 1hr with a few hour break between runs. The idea is to run plenty of miles but at a faster pace. AM 1hr, Schultz Creek Trail to Poker Trail; PM 1hr, Schultz Creek Trail; PM 1hr Schultz Creek Trail to Rocky Ridge Trail. 22-23 miles total.
Thursday (Aug. 16): AM 2 hour mountain bike ride from Snowbowl down the Arizona trail to Elden Lookout Rd. My uncle, cousin, and I took out the bikes on a sunny morning that turned stormy (it was a blast riding in the rain) for my uncle's birthday. PM 1hr:10 Schultz Creek Trail to Sunset Trailhead. 8-9 miles. Some easy miles in the late afternoon as the storm subsided.
Friday (Aug. 17): AM 3hrs:30, from Snowbowl (9,200') up Humphrey's Trail to Weatherford Trail to the summit of Humphrey's Peak (12,637'), then down the Weatherford Trail behind Agassiz Peak (12,356') and back down Humphrey's Trail. ~13 miles. It took 1hr:40 to ascend ~3,400' in five miles. I averaged roughly 15min/mile the first three miles, 26mins on the fourth mile and 29mins on the fifth mile. The latter part of the trail (roughly the last two miles) was mostly un-runnable--super steep! I wanted to get a feel for this trail today in the hopes of running it hard next week; I hope to summit in under 1hr:30.
Saturday (Aug. 18): AM 5hrs, Schultz Creek Trail (trailhead at ~7,100') to Arizona Trail up to Snowbowl (~9,200'); across the base of Agassiz Peak on the Kachina Trail and then down the Weatherford Trail to the Sunset Trailhead, across Schultz Loop Trail to the Dry Hills Lake Trail and back down Schultz Creek Trail. 31-32 miles. Excellent run! Per usual, I was caught in an afternoon monsoon but much enjoyed running the wet trails. I was reduced to hiking a number of times on the Kachina Trail between miles 14 and 21, as I had hit a low point, but bounced back to finish strong over the last hour and a half.
Sunday (Aug. 19): AM 3hrs:35, Rocky Ridge Trail to the Brookbank Trail to Sunset Trail up to Mt. Elden (9,299'), back down Sunset Trail and the down Little Bear Trail to Little Elden Springs Trail past Schultz Tank to the Schultz Creek Trail. 22-23 miles. It was quite a battle today and, I submit, probably the most beneficial run I've ever had. The first hour and a half was plain torture: my body was tired, I climbed ~2,100' feet, and I was mentally drained. But I was able to overcome the fatigue and run well the last two hours. Good stuff.

Weekly Totals: 20hrs:45, somewhere between (roughly) 127 and 131 miles. A fantastic week: altitude, speed work, TONS of hill work, and TONS of miles. The only way to make it better: follow it up with another great week!

Friday's agenda: Humphrey's Peak. Snowbowl, AZ.

At the top of Humphrey's Trail (~12,000'), overlooking the San. Fran. Peaks.

Agassiz Peak, as seen from Humphrey's Peak.

A hop, a skip, and a fall on the Kachina Trail.

Beautiful Aspen trees at 9,000' on the Kachina Trail, AZ.

A view of Mt. Elden (9,299') from the Sunset Trail, AZ.

More difficult for horses, moderately difficult for runners.

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