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08/20 - 08/26

Mileage at 7,000'+ feet does not come easy. I was reminded of that this week, as I was quite fatigued from the effort last week and the continued miles. A very good way to practice running tired though!

Monday (Aug. 20): off. Rather fatigued.
Tuesday (Aug. 21): PM 2hrs:10, 15-16 miles, loop from Schultz Creek Trail to Arizona Trail to Fort Valley Trail to Moto Trail to the Poker Trail to Chimney Trail and back down Schultz Creek. I was still quite fatigued today. Spent most of the day sleeping or lounging.
Wednesday (Aug. 22): AM 1hr:04, ~8 miles, out-and-back on the Schultz Creek Trail to Rocky Ridge Trail to the Brookbank Trailhead. Felt a bit stronger on the run this morning. I pushed the pace and made in to Brookbank Trail over three minutes faster than my previous best time. PM 1hrs:48, ~13 miles, out-and-back on Schultz Creek Trail to Sunset Trail. Tired from the morning effort but did a nice job of staying strong on the climbs.
Thursday (Aug. 23): AM :45, ~7 miles, 3 mile "float workout" in 17:59 (5:52, 6:00, 6:07). 200m "on" at 36 - 39 secs, 200m "off" at 48 - 54 secs. The legs were definitely heavy but it was good to get the legs moving. 17 min warmup on the infield and 10 min cool down. AM :38, ~4 leisurely miles with my cousin. Some easy miles on pavement for the first time since I've been in Flagstaff.
Friday (Aug. 24): AM 2hrs:20, ~10 miles, out-and-back on the Humphreys Peak Trail from Snowbowl (~9,200') to the Weatherford Trail (~12,000) to the summit of Humphreys Peak (12, 637'). PM 1hr, 7-8 miles, out-and-back on the Schultz Creek Trail. 1hr:23 to summit, 17 minutes better than a plebeian 1hr:40 last week. Averaged 15min/mile for the first four miles and 23 minutes on the final mile along the rim; 56 minutes on the decent (9 minutes better than last week). All told, I think I could get closer or below 1hr:10 to the summit with another go.
Saturday (Aug. 25): PM 3hrs, 20-21 miles, out-and-back from the Schultz Creek Trailhead (~7,100) to the Sunset Trail to the Weatherford Trail (up to ~9,600'). Still quite tired; slept all morning. Lots of climbing on this one and it was tough.
Sunday (Aug. 26): AM 1hr:45, ~12 miles, Rocky Ridge Trail to Brookbank Trail to Schultz Loop to Dry Lake Hills Trail to Schultz Creek Trail. Super early run (about a 5:30am start) and my legs, body, lungs, and basically every functioning organ were really burnt out from the effort the last two weeks. Made it through.

Weekly Totals: ~14hrs:30, somewhere between (roughly) 96 to 99 miles. With a day off, I'm happy with the mileage. Lots of positives, especially the number of tired miles. Time to begin to relax and ease up in preparation for TNF Madison.

Humphreys Peak from Elden Lookout Rd. Flagstaff, AZ.

At the intersection of Humphreys Peak Trail and the Weatherford Trail (~12,000').

A few "no-no's" on the Humphreys Peak Trail.

Humphreys Peak (12,637'), high above the clouds.

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