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In Review: July training

The month of July brought mixed results. The positives included some higher mileage weeks and another racing experiences; the main negative was a DNF in the Voyageur 50. My monthly mileage (350 miles) and total running time (~45 hours) break down as follows:

07/02 - 07/08: 100 miles, ~13 hours
07/09 - 07/15: 111 miles, ~14 hours
07/16 - 07/22: 61 miles, 7hrs:45
07/23 - 07/29 (race week): 58 miles, 7hrs:40
07/30, 07/31: 20 miles, 2hrs:30

Monthly Totals: 350 miles, ~45 hours.

Now in Flagstaff and running exclusively trails for the month, I'm looking forward to a high mileage month with no races. In an effort to enjoy the trails, scenery, and final month before the fall semester begins, I plan to leave my GPS watch at home and run only for total time.


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