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08/27 - 09/02

It's time to take it easy. TNF is three weeks away and I want to be rested for this one. Here goes:

Monday (Aug. 27): PM 1hr:25, 11-12 miles, out-and-back on Schultz Creek Trail to the Arizona Trail, Flagstaff, AZ. I felt surprisingly good, and the pace was surprisingly brisk, after two hard weeks.
Tuesday (Aug. 28): AM 16 x 200m @ 35 - 38 secs, 110m jog in between, ~7 miles, Flagstaff High School track. Very smooth 200s followed by a day of kayaking on the Verde River!
Wednesday (Aug. 29): PM 1hr:20, ~10 miles, out-and-back on Rocky Ridge Trail to Old Oldham Trail, Flagstaff, AZ. A final run in Flagstaff before the 1,400 mile trek back to the Midwest. A pleasant ending to an altogether spectacular month.
Thursday (Aug. 30): off.
Friday (Aug. 31): off. Very tried from travel and little sleep.
Saturday (Sept. 1): off. 12 hours of sleep over a three night period due to travel, visiting with family and friends. Yikes! I'll need lots of sleep the next two weeks.
Sunday (Sept. 2): AM 17 miles, 1hr:54, 6:45/mile, Wydown Rd. to two times Forest Park loop and back down Wydown Rd, St. Louis, MO. I certainly was feeling tired the last 10km or so but I maintained a brisk pace throughout. The air is so breathable near sea level!

Weekly Totals: 5hrs:45, roughly 45 to 46 miles. Although the mileage and time training was considerably less this week, I still felt fatigued from the travel and socializing. I'll run between 45 and 50 miles next week and, will plenty or rest, should really start to feel ready for the race.

August Totals: ~61hrs:30, ~400 miles. Quite a month!

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