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09/24 - 09/30

Although I was set back a few days because of my knee, I ended up having a decent week on four days of running. It's all here:

Monday (Sept. 24): off. 42 minute swim. My knee was really sore in the morning, which had me worried, but it seemed to get better throughout the day.
Tuesday (Sept. 25): off. 40 minute swim. The swimming seems to help; feeling better.
Wednesday (Sept. 26): off. 45 minute swim. I should be able to get back on the trails tomorrow, as my knee, though not without pain, feels much better.
Thursday (Sept. 27): AM 7+ miles, 1hr:02, 8:45/mile, loops around the Arb with Hank. Slight pain during the run, especially during the second half, but a nice, easy first run of the week. PM 3.5 mile run to the SERF, 30 minute swim, 1.5 mile run back, around 6:30/mile during the runs. The swimming seemed to help again and my knee felt much better.
Friday (Sept. 28): AM 10 miles, 1hr:08, 6:45/mile, 20 x 20sec sprint, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail. I pulled this 20/40 workout from Zach Bitter (though it's similar to the 200m repeat workout that I do): 35 minute warm up, 20 x 20sec sprint, 40sec recovery, cool down. This makes for a few fast miles and for activation of fast twitch muscle fibers. Some speed felt good.
Saturday (Sept. 29): AM 26 miles, 3hrs:23, 7:45/mile, Military Ridge Trail with Hank. Great morning for a long run. We took it easy, fueled well, etc. There was a nagging pain in my knee the first ten miles but I felt much better during the last sixteen. 
Sunday (Sept. 30): AM 12 miles, 1hr:22, 6:53/mile, SMR loop plus one mile with a five-man SMR group. Up tempo on the pavement has been tough since TNF Madison, but I finished the run without any serious pain and without soreness thereafter. My knee seems to be coming around (finally).

Weekly Totals: 60 miles, ~7hrs:30. In upcoming weeks, I plan to increase mileage and to add lots of speed work in preparation for the Surf the Murph at the end of the month. 
Monthly Totals: 250 miles, ~28hrs. A fairly tame month but, given all the travel, the start of school, and the race in the middle of the month, not surprisingly so. More miles next month!

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