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10/15 - 10/21

Here's what the penultimate week before the Surf the Murph 50 looks like:

Monday (Oct. 15): PM 10.5 miles, 1hr:13, 6:58/mile, around Monona Bay to the Arb (road and trails). It's been nice to run injury free. I'm feeling good.
Tuesday (Oct. 16): off. Busy today and I don't want too many miles this week.
Wednesday (Oct. 17): AM 10 miles, 30 x 20/40 workout, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail to the Arb (road). 20 seconds of hard running, 40 seconds of easy jogging. The workout made for around five miles of 6:20/mile pace.
Thursday (Oct. 18): AM 10.5 miles, 1hr:20, 7:45/mile, loops around the Arb trails. Legs were feeling a little tight from yesterday so I kept an easy pace.
Friday (Oct. 19): PM 12 miles, 3 x 1mile @ 5:20, 5:11, 5:14 with 800m recovery jog between sets. 30 minute warm up and then I ran the repeats on the road at the Arb (on a flatter section).
Saturday (Oct. 20): AM 12.5 miles, 1hr:50, 8:55/mile, loops around Indian Lake with Hank. A splendid morning with cool temperatures and a gorgeous sunrise (see below).
Sunday (Oct. 21): off. The first of a couple days off to prepare for Surf the Murph.

Weekly Totals: 55.5 miles, 6hrs:55. I'll try to continue with two speed related workouts a week for the next several weeks in preparation for the TNF 50 Championships. I also hope to bump up mileage starting with next week.

The sun rising over the bluffs at Indian Lake, WI

Fog settling in the early morning at Indian Lake, WI

A classic Fall morning: frosty trails, colorful trees, and a foggy lake.

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