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11/19 - 11/25

The penultimate week before the TNF-Championships looked like this:

Monday (Nov. 19): off.
Tuesday (Nov. 20): AM 8 miles, :58, 7:25/mile, loops around the Arb (trails) with Jake Hegge. Some enjoyable miles on a pleasant (and reasonably warm) morning.
Wednesday (Nov. 21): AM 13 miles, 1hr:39, 7:40/mile, Lewis and Clark trails, MO. First loop, consisting of 8 miles, in 60minutes:44seconds; second loop, about 5 miles, in 38minutes:40seconds. Fun trails with a number of sharp climbs along the bluffs of the Missouri River.
Thursday (Nov. 22): AM 8+ miles, :59, 7:14/mile, Wydown Rd. to Forest Park (road/trail), MO.
Friday (Nov. 23): AM 8 miles, 3 x 1600m @ 5:14, 5:14, 5:19, Washington University track, MO. 2.25 mile warm-up; 2.25 mile cool-down. 600m recovery jog between reps. Incredibly windy, which made half of each lap much more difficult.
Saturday (Nov. 24): AM 8+ miles, :57, 7:02/mile, Wydown Rd. to Forest Park (road/trail), MO.
Sunday (Nov. 25): off.

Weekly Totals: ~45 miles, ~5hrs:30. Feeling great. And less than a week until San Francisco!


11/12 - 11/18

My illness continued into this week but I was still able to have some solid training runs. Here goes:

Monday (Nov. 12): off. The cold has been quite debilitating.
Tuesday (Nov. 13): off. Cold lingering.
Wednesday (Nov. 14): PM 10 miles, 1hr:13, 7:22/mile, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail to the Arb (road). I finally managed to have some energy and to fell well enough to get out the door. I'm still not feeling great, but I couldn't keep taking days off.
Thursday (Nov. 15): AM 6 miles, :39, 6:22/mile, Monona Bay loop (pavements/single track). A quick six miles before a long day. Trying not to do too much too soon.
Friday (Nov. 16): AM 10 miles, 1hr:16, 7:37/mile, loops around the Arb (trail). Starting to feel back to normal (or at least close). PM 8 miles, :58, 7:09/mile, big Monona Bay loop with add-ons. I've had plenty of rest today and this week so I'm feeling quite a bit better this evening.
Saturday (Nov. 17): AM 22.5 miles, 3hrs:15, 8:45/mile, Devil's Lake. An excellent training run in preparation for San Francisco. An educated estimate would be 5,000' of elevation gain during the run: up the South side of the East bluff, down the North side; up the North side of the West bluff, down the South side; up the South side of the West bluff, down the North side; up the North side of the East bluff, down the North side, five miles out and five miles back on the rolling Ice Age Trail, and finally up the North side of the East bluff and back down the South side to finish.
Sunday (Nov. 18): AM 14 miles, 1hr:44, 7:27/mile, Arb (trails/road). First nine miles with Hank on the trails in 71 minutes; last five miles on the road solo in 33 minutes.

Weekly Totals: 70.5 miles, ~9 hours. The last two weeks have been less than ideal, but I feel confident after a final strong week of training. Now I'll ease back and get rested for the TNF-Championships.

The East bluff from the Southern end of Devil's Lake

The East bluff, as seen from the West bluff.

The apex of the East bluff on the South side.

Driving into Devil's Lake

A barren, but sunny, November day in Wisconsin. 


11/05 - 11/11

This week began as planned but was derailed by a viscous cold. After not being sick for three years, I paid the price this time: I've been out of commission for four days. But here's how last week looked:

Monday (Nov. 5): PM 10 miles, 1hr:13, 7:17/mile, out-and-back on the Cap City trail to the Arb (road). A pleasant run on a dark, cold, rainy evening.
Tuesday (Nov. 6): PM 10 miles, 1hr:16, 7:36/mile, Cap City trail to the Turville Point trails. Again cold and again dark. Running through the woods made for a fun time.
Wednesday (Nov. 7): AM 12 miles, 1hr:27, 40 x 20/40 workout, out-and-back on the Cap City trail to the Arb (road). This is the longest workout of 20 seconds sprint, 40 seconds easy that I've done but it felt as easy or easier than the shorter ones. That's a good sign. The workout made for almost 6.5 miles, averaging anywhere from 6:08/mile to 6:22/mile.
Thursday (Nov. 8): AM 10 miles, 1hr:24, 8:28/mile, loops around the Arb with Hank. I was certainly feeling the effects of the effort yesterday; taking it easy with Hank felt good.
Friday (Nov. 9): AM 10 miles, 1hr:06, 6:36/mile, 5 miles @ around 5:45/mile. 2.5 mile warm up and 2.5 mile cool down with some fast miles in between.
Saturday (Nov. 10): off. When I woke up feeling sick, I thought I'd be able to rest and hit the trails by the afternoon. I was wrong.
Sunday (Nov. 11): off. Symptoms worsened and at the worst time of training!

Weekly Totals: 52 miles, 6hrs:30. The planned 24-mile run on Saturday and 15-mile run on Sunday had to be bagged. Those would have been nice to get in, since both involved lots of hills. There's still a window of time to improve fitness before the TNF-Championships. The only good news at this point is that I'm already it great shape.


10/29 - 11/04

Mostly favorable results following race week. Here's how it looked:

Monday (Oct. 29): off. Soreness has mostly subsided. A 30 minute swim helped.
Tuesday (Oct. 30): off. Feeling close to normal but want to give it one more day. Another swim, 35 minutes.
Wednesday (Oct. 31): AM 10 miles, 1hr:17, 7:37/mile, loops around the Arb (trail). Really felt good. My legs felt a bit heavy during the latter miles, especially my quads (but no soreness or pain lingering in the knee or hip--good news).
Thursday (Nov. 1): PM 12 miles, 1hr:27, 7:17, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail to the Arb (road/trail). Still a bit tighter than I'd like to be; so, I might have to run a few fewer miles this week than I'd like.
Friday (Nov. 2): AM 10 miles, 1hr:24, 8:33/mile, loops around the Arb (trail) with Hank. Easy miles with Hank early this morning. The easy pace was probably best.
Saturday (Nov. 3): off. I might have run today but I was tired and I figure I can finally squash the soreness with one last day off for awhile.
Sunday (Nov. 4): AM 12 miles, 1hr:15, 6:15/mile, SMR loop plus one mile, miles 5 - 11 (7 miles) in 41:26 (5:55/mile). Strong run. I had an easy start with a 7:03 mile followed by a 6:48 mile before picking it up and ending on my fastest mile of the day (5:45). PM 7 miles, :50, 7:08/mile, loop around Monona Bay. Some easy miles to end the week.

Weekly Totals: 51 miles, The plan is to run 80 - 90 miles each of the next two weeks before backing off considerably during the last two weeks of the month leading up to TNF-Championships.
October Totals: 258 miles, 32hrs:15. Again, nothing spectacular this month. However, given the strong base that I established over the summer, and which improved my endurance, the fewer miles haven't hurt my fitness and the increased amount of speed work has done well to fine tune my speed.