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11/12 - 11/18

My illness continued into this week but I was still able to have some solid training runs. Here goes:

Monday (Nov. 12): off. The cold has been quite debilitating.
Tuesday (Nov. 13): off. Cold lingering.
Wednesday (Nov. 14): PM 10 miles, 1hr:13, 7:22/mile, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail to the Arb (road). I finally managed to have some energy and to fell well enough to get out the door. I'm still not feeling great, but I couldn't keep taking days off.
Thursday (Nov. 15): AM 6 miles, :39, 6:22/mile, Monona Bay loop (pavements/single track). A quick six miles before a long day. Trying not to do too much too soon.
Friday (Nov. 16): AM 10 miles, 1hr:16, 7:37/mile, loops around the Arb (trail). Starting to feel back to normal (or at least close). PM 8 miles, :58, 7:09/mile, big Monona Bay loop with add-ons. I've had plenty of rest today and this week so I'm feeling quite a bit better this evening.
Saturday (Nov. 17): AM 22.5 miles, 3hrs:15, 8:45/mile, Devil's Lake. An excellent training run in preparation for San Francisco. An educated estimate would be 5,000' of elevation gain during the run: up the South side of the East bluff, down the North side; up the North side of the West bluff, down the South side; up the South side of the West bluff, down the North side; up the North side of the East bluff, down the North side, five miles out and five miles back on the rolling Ice Age Trail, and finally up the North side of the East bluff and back down the South side to finish.
Sunday (Nov. 18): AM 14 miles, 1hr:44, 7:27/mile, Arb (trails/road). First nine miles with Hank on the trails in 71 minutes; last five miles on the road solo in 33 minutes.

Weekly Totals: 70.5 miles, ~9 hours. The last two weeks have been less than ideal, but I feel confident after a final strong week of training. Now I'll ease back and get rested for the TNF-Championships.

The East bluff from the Southern end of Devil's Lake

The East bluff, as seen from the West bluff.

The apex of the East bluff on the South side.

Driving into Devil's Lake

A barren, but sunny, November day in Wisconsin. 

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