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12/10 - 12/16

Back to running after some much needed time off. Also the last week of classes, which has kept me really busy. Here's a summary of last week:

Monday (Dec. 10): off
Tuesday (Dec. 11): AM 10 miles, 3 x 1 mile @ 5:28, 5:22, 5:24, plus 800m @ 2:41 at the Shell with Fran. 400m jog between sets. This was my first run since TNF-SF after ten days off running and my legs were a bit shocked by the pace. Still ailing in places from the race--I felt tightness in my left calf and hip, as well as my right knee.
Wednesday (Dec. 12): AM 10 miles, 1hr:19, 7:55/mile, Ice Age Trail. The trails had several inches of snow in most places; a bit of slipping and sliding around on this run. Still tight in the hips. Feels good to be back on the trails.
Thursday (Dec. 13): AM 10 miles, 1hr:09, 6:53/mile, Cap City Trail to the Arb (road). Same story today: still a bit tight, still good to be back running.
Friday (Dec. 14): PM 12 miles, 1hr:30, 7:31/mile, Lakefront Trail with Hank plus two miles on Cap City Trail. It was an unseasonably warm afternoon with little wind and a brilliant sunset. Plus Hank showed me a stretch of trails that I hadn't yet found.
Saturday (Dec. 15): AM 15 miles, 1hr:54, 7:34/mile, roads around Madison with Mike's Saturday morning group. On an overcast and rainy morning like today, the sun never quite seems to come up. We started in the dark at 6am, got caught in some rain, almost fell on some ice, and kept a consistent, comfortable pace. A good morning!
Sunday (Dec. 16): AM 13 miles, 1hr:30, 6:52/mile, SMR loop + two miles with Hank & Fran. We started off easy and then ran consistently at around 6:40/mile. My hip is still tight on my left side and it's causing some pain in my knee. I think I'll need to take it easy and increase strength/core work.

Weekly Totals: 70 miles, 8hrs:40. This may have been a bit much for the first week back. I'll probably stick to fewer miles for the next few weeks.

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