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12/17 - 12/23

I've finished up for the semester this week and commenced traveling; first from Madison to St. Louis, then to Panama City, finally back to St. Louis -- all this week. I'll be off to Colorado on the 28th where I'll spend time in Boulder and Breckenridge. Of course, all the traveling made running a bit of a difficulty, and all the activities otherwise (e.g. a wedding) made it ever more difficult. After feeling tightness in my IT band and knee last week, I think it's best that I take it easy until mid-January. Real low mileage this week, but I'll keep the mileage between 40-60/week for the next two to three weeks before returning to larger volume. Plus, during the next three weeks I'll have loads of cross training: snowshoeing, snowboarding, and the like. In any case, here's my last week of running (I wouldn't call it training!):

Monday (Dec. 17): off
Tuesday (Dec. 18): AM 12 miles, 1hr:22, 6:51/mile, Monona Bay loop to the Arb (road) with Hank & Fran. We ran three or four miles at 6:20-30/mile. Felt good.
Wednesday (Dec. 19): off. Grading, writing papers, traveling.
Thursday (Dec. 20): off. 10+ hours of travel today.
Friday (Dec. 21): PM 7 miles, :46, 6:37/mile, Panama City, Panama. Hot and humid, with smog and sunshine. I ran in the city along the water where the traffic was heavy, the sun was shining bright, and the humidity was palpable. Not the most ideal conditions.
Saturday (Dec. 22): off
Sunday (Dec. 23): AM 6.2 miles, :44, 7:00/mile, Panama City, Panama. Another travel day, but I was able to get a quick run in before breakfast. This one included two miles around 6:30 pace and a moderate incline throughout.

Weekly Totals: ~25 miles, 2hrs:45. Hardly a week of running, but things will get back on track over the next few weeks.

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