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01/14 - 01/20

One final week of traveling, and another race, before the semester begins next week. Here goes:

Monday (Jan. 14): off. Flew from Orlando to Denver and then drove 720 miles to Columbia, MO. Quite a day of travel!
Tuesday (Jan. 15): PM 8 miles, :59, 7:25/mile, Wydown Rd. to Forest Park, MO. My legs were more sore than I would have expected, likely because I wasn't able to walk around much yesterday.
Wednesday (Jan. 16): AM 10.5 miles, 1hr:17, 7:21/mile, Wydown Rd. to big Forest Park loop, MO. Feeling more recovered today, keeping the miles easy.
Thursday (Jan. 17): PM 11.5 miles, 1hr:25, 7:20/mile, Monona Bay to loop around the Arb (road), WI. Made it back to Wisconsin yesterday and returned to an old, familiar route this afternoon.
Friday (Jan. 18): AM 8 miles, :57, 7:07/mile, out-and-back on the Capital City trail, WI. My legs are finally coming around. Feeling good for tomorrow!
Saturday (Jan. 19): AM 13 miles, IceBreaker Marathon Relay, 2hr:18:17, 5:17/mile, 1st place, Milwaukee, WI. I ran 8 legs of four laps (1760 meters), for a total of around 8.7 miles. Had a blast representing Berkeley Running Company at the Pettit Center. See my Race Report: IceBreaker Marathon Relay for more.
Sunday (Jan. 20): AM 11 miles, 1hr:14, 6:48/mile, SMR loop, WI. I was feeling the effort from yesterday this morning on a brisk run in some cold temperatures.

Weekly Totals: 62 miles, ~7hr:30. My legs recovered swiftly from the marathon last week and I was able to build up my weekly mileage; plus, I had a great start to my training by running some super quick miles on Saturday.

At the start of the Disney Marathon, last weekend.

Kevin Melnuk (right) and I before the marathon last weekend.

After a cold, Sunday morning run. 

I've seen more favorable running conditions!

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