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01/21 - 01/27

After a slow start, and some seriously cold temperatures, early this week, I was able to manage some solid training. Here how the week went:

Monday (Jan. 21): off. Recovery from the weekend.
Tuesday (Jan. 22): PM 8 miles, :51, 6:23/mile, out-and-back on Cap City Trail. 6:31/mile on the way out, 6:15/mile on the way back. Felt pretty relaxed.
Wednesday (Jan. 23): off. Signs of serious fatigue, so trying to rest.
Thursday (Jan. 24): PM 12 miles, 1hr:19, 6:36/mile, around Monona Bay and around the Arb (road). Slow-to-fast 7 mile tempo @ 6:07/mile; mile splits were 6:15, 6:15, 6:10, 6:15, 6:02, 5:56, 5:50. Tired by the end but the pace didn't feel all too quick.
Friday (Jan. 25): AM 20 miles, 2hrs:39, 7:58/mile, all over Madison. Really tired for the 5am start this morning with a group from Berkeley. I managed to keep the average pace under 8 minutes a mile when I finished the last 10km solo at a quick pace.
Saturday (Jan. 26): AM 18 miles, 2hrs:19, 7:36/mile, around West Madison. I ran with Hank starting early again, at 5:30am, on the West side of Madison. 12 x 20second pick-ups during some of the middle miles. Legs feeling beat up from all the pavement and my right achilles was acting up a bit. Temps in the single digits.
Sunday (Jan. 27): AM 12 miles, 1hr:11, 6:34/mile, SMR loop. Felt much better today. I had a warm salt bath last night, which must have helped, since my legs felt rested and my achilles less tight. Warmer temps were a nice change (in the 30s).

Weekly Totals: 70 miles, 7hrs:20. The last three weeks have been a nice buildup, with 50 two weeks ago, 62 last week, and 70 this week. I'll try to increase the mileage a touch more the next two weeks and then sit in the mid-80s each week until March.

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