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12/24 - 12/30

Quite a bit of travel again this week but I managed to have some good runs and to enjoy some wonderful scenery too. I'll have a full recap of the 2012 season soon, but for now here's a look at the last week of 2012:

Monday (Dec. 24): AM 10 miles, 1hr:06, 6:37/mile, Wydown Rd. to short loop around Forest Park, MO. Back in St. Louis for the holiday and had a nice morning run with several miles around 6:20/mile.
Tuesday (Dec. 25): off
Wednesday (Dec. 26): AM 12 miles, 1hr:24, 6:57/mile, Wydown Rd. to big loop around Forest Park, MO. Had fun testing out my new Garmin 910 while logging some easy miles.
Thursday (Dec. 27): AM 9 miles, 1hr:04, 7:06/mile, Wydown Rd. to trails through Forest Park. Another jaunt through Forest Park before heading west tomorrow.
Friday (Dec. 28): off. 12 hours drive to Boulder.
Saturday (Dec. 29): AM 8 miles, 1hr:31, 11:18/mile, Flagstaff Trail, Rangeview Trail, Ranger Trail, Greenman Trail, Saddle Rock Trail, in Boulder, CO. Threw on some spikes and had a blast running up and down through the foothills in Boulder. 2,300' of climbing through the first five miles and then about an equal amount of descent over the last three miles. PM 7 miles, :51, 7:16/mile, Boulder Creek Path. Ran for a bit with my sister and then logged some miles around 6:30/mile. Was followed by a coyote for a short while -- a little frightening!
Sunday (Dec. 30): PM 6 miles, 1hr, 10:00/mile, Breckenridge, CO. Another two hours drive to Breckenridge today. I put my spikes on and ran about a mile on snow packed roads to the bike path only to find over a foot of mostly untouched snow covering it. I should have worn snowshoes today!

Weekly Totals: 52 miles, ~7 hours. I'll have another couple easy weeks before I start rigorous training in the second half of January. I'll try to run easy and not too much the next few weeks and I'll try to get lots of rest. Now that I'm out west, it's tough not to be moving all day: with running, snowboarding, and snowshoeing all available, there's always something to do.
December Totals: ~185 miles, ~23.5 hours. I've had lots of time off this month with not too many miles during the last quarter of the year; with another two weeks easy to start 2013 I'm feeling good about the upcoming winter/spring training in preparation for some fast races in the spring.

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