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12/31 - 01/06

Here's how I brought in the new year (2012 recap still forthcoming):

Monday (Dec. 31): off. Snowboarding!
Tuesday (Jan. 1): off. Day to relax
Wednesday (Jan. 2): PM 8 miles, 1hr:05, 8:04/mile, loops around Silver Circle, up and down Fairview twice, Breckenridge, CO. Another run with spikes, as the roads as iced over and snow packed. Over 1,000' of ascent.
Thursday (Jan. 3): AM 5.5 miles, :57, 10:27/mile, snowshoe trails, Breckenridge. Had lots of fun exploring the snowshoe trails throughout the Nordic ski center. Plenty of sun and very cold. More snowboarding today.
Friday (Jan. 4): PM 7 miles, 1hr:20, 11:32/mile, snowshoe trails, Breckenridge. After snowboarding in the morning, I put on my snowshoes and went back to the snowshoe trails. Had a blast! A good amount of climbing (1,200'), and lots of sun again.
Saturday (Jan. 5): PM 3 miles, 1hr:08, 23:00/mile, snowshoe trails, Breckenridge. Another morning of snowboarding, and an afternoon of hiking in snowshoes with my sisters.
Sunday (Jan. 6): off. I had carpool duty today, taking some people to Winter Park. I was also feeling a bit sick today and, after a packed week, I decided to rest.

Weekly Totals: 23.5 miles, 4hrs:30. Mostly snowshoeing miles, which is a fairly tiring enterprise, even though many of the trails were packed snow. I had another 12 or so hours of snowboarding this week, so it made for lots of activity. Marathon in Orlando this Sunday with Kevin Melnuk!

In the valley, below the slopes, while snowshoeing.

A nice view of the peaks in Breckenridge, CO.

A panorama view.

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