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01/28 - 02/03

A bit of travel this week and lots of running in the snow. Here goes:

Monday (Jan. 28): AM 9 miles, 1hr:04, 7:07/mile, out-and-back on Cap City trail. A pleasant morning run after an over night snow. The bike trail was really slick with snow and ice which made it tough to maintain a decent pace (lots of slipping around).
Tuesday (Jan. 29): AM 9 miles, 1hr:08, 7:33/mile, treadmill. There were thunderstorms in the morning so I stayed indoors, but the storms passed and it ended up being dry. But staying indoors was a good excuse to watch an hour of TV. 
Wednesday (Jan. 30): AM 12 miles, 1hr:23, 6:53/mile, 20/40 workout, around Monona Bay and a loop around the Arb (road). 35 x 20 seconds sprint/40 seconds easy jog. 3 miles warm-up and about 4 miles cool down. Felt good on the workout, although things were again a bit slower this morning due to the road conditions. There were around 2 inches of new snow on the ground when I left and around 5 inches by the end of the run. The heavy snow made for some fun, but blind, running.
Thursday (Jan. 31): AM 12 miles, track workout at the Shell with Fran. 800m (2:46), quarter mile jog, 1000m (3:25), quarter mile jog, 1200m (4:03), quarter mile jog, 1600m (5:28), quarter mile jog, 1200m (4:01), quarter mile jog, 1000m (3:19), quarter mile jog, 800m (2:37) quarter mile jog. Decent times, but we mostly kept it comfortable as neither of us has been doing much speed work.
Friday (Feb. 1): AM 11 miles, 1hr:34, 8:40/mile, out-and-back on the Valley Trail, Western Ridge Trail, Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC. I spent a long weekend in DC and had tons of fun enjoying the scenery and rolling hills through the park just North of downtown DC. See pictures below. Around 1,900' feet of climbing on this route, with some really steep and technical sections. It was nice to be running trails and out of the snow.
Saturday (Feb. 2): off.
Sunday (Feb. 3): off.

Weekly Totals: 53 miles, ~6hrs:30. I wasn't able to run during the weekend of travel but I had a good five days during the week. I'll bring the mileage back up to around 80 and keep it there (hopefully) for the month of February. 
January Totals: ~248, ~30hrs:40. I'm glad about my training during the month of January, given all the travel, the number of miles run in cold, snowy conditions, etc. More miles, and faster miles, during the month of February. 

Lots of snow in Madison.

The sun rising in Rock Creek Park, DC.

Along the river on the Valley Trail, DC.

One of the many bluffs throughout the park.

One of the more technical sections of trail. 

Decisions, decisions.

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