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02/11 - 02/17

Improved conditions on the roads and bike paths this week, which allowed for some faster paces on more secure surfaces. Nevertheless, there was still plenty of cold weather. Here's how the week looked:

Monday (Feb. 11): AM 10+ miles, 1hr:14, 7:24/mile, treadmill. I wasn't in the mood to deal with the cold this morning, so I kept indoors.
Tuesday (Feb. 12): AM 12.5 miles, 3 x 1,600m on/400m off/800m on with Fran at the Shell. A strong, and well paced, workout. Splits as follows: 5:27/2:00/2:38, 5:19/2:00/2:35, 5:11/2:00/2:26. Started easy and comfortable and ended fast. PM 8.5 miles, 1hr, 7:06/mile, big Monona Bay loop. Some easy evening miles.
Wednesday (Feb. 13): AM 10 miles, 1hr:09, 6:58/mile, out-and-back on Cap City Trail. More easy miles this morning. Faster than I would have liked but my body didn't show signs of dissent so the pace stayed up beat.
Thursday (Feb. 14): AM 11 miles, 7 mile tempo in 40:38 (5:48/mile), out-and-back on Cap City Trail. I was quite pleased with the tempo this morning. Splits @ 5:45, 5:46, 5:52, 5:50, 5:54, 5:47, 5:45. As the splits indicate, the miles were consistent, with both the first and last miles at the same pace. I felt good throughout and the pace never seemed overly taxing.
Friday (Feb. 15): PM 23 miles, 3hrs, 7:54/mile, out-and-back through Middleton and north of Madison with Hank. A nice, easy, leisurely pace on a cold, windy afternoon. Good conversation, lots of sun, and a nice meal courtesy of Hank's wife afterward (thanks!).
Saturday (Feb. 16): AM 8 miles, :59, 7:22/mile, treadmill. A morning run before a fun day out in the country on a friend's farm. I was (again) avoiding the morning cold. I'll try not to make a habit of this...
Sunday (Feb. 17): off. I was tired this morning (171 miles in the previous 13 days), so I opted for more rest today.

Weekly Totals: 83 miles, ~10 hours. Two treadmill runs in one week was a first! Otherwise, a really excellent week of training. Here's to hoping that it will continue.

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