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02/18 - 02/24

Cold temperatures remained this week, as did some less than ideal road/bike path conditions, but I managed another solid training week. Here goes:

Monday (Feb. 18): off
Tuesday (Feb. 19): AM 12 miles, 3 x 2,000m/200m/400m at the Shell with Fran. Another consistent workout with increasing speed throughout. Three minute rest between sets; and the 200m in the middle of the set as an easy jog. Splits were thus: 6:45 (5:25 mile)/ 1:00/ 1:15; 6:42 (5:22 mile)/ 1:00/ 1:14; 6:33 (5:16 mile)/ 1:00/ 1:08. PM 8+, 1hr, 7:15/mile, big loop around Monona Bay. Some nice, easy miles in the evening.
Wednesday (Feb. 20): PM 8+ miles, 1hr, 7:18/mile, out-and-back on Cap City Trail. More easy miles in the afternoon.
Thursday (Feb. 21): PM 15 miles, 1hr:36, 6:22/mile, 3 x 3mile workout, two way out-and-back on Cap City Trail. Two miles warm up and two miles cool down; one mile easy between sets; repeats in 17:07 (5:38, 5:46, 4:43), 17:11 (5:45, 5:48, 5:38), 18:10 (5:54, 6:10, 6:06). Road/bike path conditions were ok but not great. I was tired during the last set, which was made further difficult with a stiff headwind and some icy bike paths.
Friday (Feb. 22): PM 8 miles, 1hr, 7:27/mile, treadmill. Some snow fell last night and, despite the warmer temperatures, I stayed indoors.
Saturday (Feb. 23): AM 28 miles, 3hrs:41, 7:54/mile, long out-and-back on three different bike trails with Hank. Hank might tell a different story, but as I remember it, there were 50mph winds, over a foot of snow and ice everywhere, and dangerously cold temperatures (**the truth is that there were some strong headwinds, a handful of miles through a few inches of slush, and fairly cold temperatures--but it sure felt a lot worse).
Sunday (Feb. 24): AM 11 miles, 1hr:12, 6:32/mile, SMR loop with Fran and Hank. My legs felt surprisingly good and the pace felt surprisingly easy on a cold, sunny morning.

Weekly Totals: 90 miles, 10hrs:50. A good number of miles on six days of running, as well as two strong workouts and a longer effort. A similar week of training is in store for next week and I'll finish the month of February with over 300 miles on 24 days of running.

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