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02/25 - 03/03

A great week of training! Here goes:

Monday (Feb. 25): AM 10 miles, 1hr:09, 6:56/mile, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail. Roads/bike paths were in decent shape today and my bask stayed brisk. A nice, calm morning.
Tuesday (Feb. 26): AM 11.5 miles, 3 x 1mile, 400m/600m, 10 x 20/40, at the Shell with Fran. 400m easy jog between miles, and the repeats were @ 5:21, 5:16, 5:14. The intention was to run four 1-mile repeats but my legs were smoked after three. Fran went on to run a 5:04 for the fourth mile, while I ran the first 400m (1:16), rested for 600m, then ran the last 600m (1:54). After an easy mile on the track, I ran back home and did my 10 x 20 seconds on/40 seconds easy. PM 8 miles, 1hr, 7:27/mile, treadmill. Easy miles on the treadmill as a snowstorm started blowing in. Just as the paths were beginning to clear, more snow!
Wednesday (Feb. 27): PM 10.5 miles, 1hr:18, 7:28/mile, along Monona Bay to the Arb (road). Really poor conditions this afternoon: several inches of snow on the ground, snow falling, and strong winds. The conditions made the run fun but a bit frustrating.
Thursday (Feb. 28): AM 8 miles, 1hr, 7:26/mile, out-and-back on the Cap City Trail. Easy miles in, once again, subpar conditions.
Friday (Mar. 1): AM 18+ miles, 11 miles in 1:04:14 (5:50/mile), Forest Park, St. Louis, MO. Back in St. Louis for the weekend and what a run today! 3.5 mile warm up and cool down with a strong 11 mile run in the middle. The idea was to run at marathon race pace but the splits ended up on the faster end. I felt really strong, and really relaxed throughout the workout, allowing myself to go easy during the rolling miles, and then to pick up the pace during the flatter miles. Splits were thus: 5:41, 5:54, 5:59, 6:02, 5:42, 5:46, 5:44, 5:57, 5:53, 5:54, 5:37. PM 7+ miles, :52, 7:17/mile, Powder Valley Park, Kirkwood, MO. An evening run through some hilly, but paved, terrain.
Saturday (Mar. 2): AM/PM 20 miles, 2hrs:10, 6:30/mile, out-and-back on Wydown Rd. to Forest Park loop (x 2.5), St. Louis, MO. I was surprised at how well my legs were able to respond after yesterday. The pace felt leisurely during most of the miles. I ran four miles at (near) marathon race pace in the middle, miles 9 - 12, in 5:59, 5:54, 5:54, 6:02.
Sunday (Mar. 3): off. 183 miles in 12 days. Time to rest.

Weekly Totals: 93+ miles, ~10hrs:50. A spectacular week; as much mentally as physically (the faster paces felt easier than expected and so I'm more confident in my ability to run a fast road marathon).
February Totals: 320 miles, ~47hours. I couldn't be happier with training this month. Four days off, twenty-four days of running, which amounts to a bit over a half marathon on average per day of running.

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