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03/25 - 03/31

Snowboarding, traveling, and more training this week, with less than a week until the AR50. Here goes:

Monday (Mar. 25): PM 11 miles, 1hr:24, 7:37/mile, Breckenridge, CO. I did a few hours of snowboarding in the morning and then went out the door before dinner for a nice run through the streets of Breckenridge. Finally, a nice, sunny, and warmer (ish) day.
Tuesday (Mar. 26): PM 11 miles, 1hr:24, 7:39/mile, hill workout, Breckenridge, CO. I needed a full five mile warm up before the workout today after snowboarding again this morning. The workout included 4 x 280m hill, 2 x 700m hill, 2 x 780m hill, for a total of 4.5 miles of hill work, 2.5 of which was uphill and included around 1,200' of ascent. The pace on the uphills stayed between 7:50/mile and 8:30/mile while the downhill portions hovered around 6:45/mile.
Wednesday (Mar. 27): off. Another day long trek across part of the country, returning to St. Louis.
Thursday (Mar. 28): PM 16 miles, 1hr:45, 6:33/mile, 3 x 1mile, 18 x 20/40, 3 mile tempo, Washington University Track, Forest Park, Clayton, MO. I was happy with the workout this afternoon, given the long day of travel yesterday, the upset stomach (due to the imprudent decision to have beer cheese soup and a stout at lunch -- oops), and the windy conditions. I had a 2 mile warm up, a 2.5 mile cool down, and around a mile easy between each of the three sections of the workout. In the 1st part of the workout, I ran repeat miles in 5:20, 5:21, 5:24 with 400m easy jog between sets. In the 2nd part, I averaged around 6:30/mile for a bit less than three miles, running the 20 seconds hard at around 4:45/mile pace. During the 3rd part of the workout, I finished with a 3 mile run in 17:46 (5:58, 5:57, 5:51). Exhausted by the end.
Friday (Mar. 29): AM/PM 13 miles, 1hr:52, 8:37/mile, Lewis and Clark Trails, Weldon Springs, MO. A really nice, warm, sunny day made for pleasant running, although the trails were a mud bath and slowed the pace. Tough getting the legs moving after the effort yesterday.
Saturday (Mar. 30): PM 11 miles, 1hr:15, 6:51/mile, out-and-back on Wydown Rd. with a Forest Park loop, Clayton, MO. An enjoyable late afternoon run in some rain showers. Legs felt good.
Sunday (Mar. 31): off. General fatigue and a day of travel back to Madison gave me reason to take it easy today.

Weekly Totals: 62 miles, 7hrs:40. Fewer miles than planned again this week, but perhaps all for the better, since I had two good workouts and still felt good by the end of the week. Six days until the AR50!
March Totals: 315 miles, ~37hrs:20. A good month, which has me prepared for three April races.

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