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04/01 - 04/07

The American River 50 was Saturday and, as such, I had a low key week otherwise (with a number of days off). Here's the breakdown:

Monday (Apr. 1): off
Tuesday (Apr. 2): AM 10 miles, 6 in 37:18 (6:12/mile), around the Arb (road). Fran and I planned to run some miles at a quicker pace this morning but, since neither of us felt quite right, the pace stayed brisk albeit not fast. It was a very cold morning (hopefully the last of them!).
Wednesday (Apr. 3): AM 8+ miles, :57, 6:53/mile, out-and-back on Cap City Trail. Easy miles.
Thursday (Apr. 4): off. A day of travel out to California.
Friday (Apr. 5): AM 6 miles, :43, 7:11/mile, American River bike path, Sacramento, CA. Nice views on a cool morning just outside of downtown Sacramento. Excited for tomorrow!
Saturday (Apr. 6): AM/PM American River 50 mile, 2nd place, 6:20:58, 7:37/mile. There's a lot to be said about this one, and it can be found in my Race Report: American River 50.
Sunday (April 7): off. My legs and body feel pretty alright, although I was exceedingly tired by the time I made it back to Madison in the afternoon (at which time I crashed for 4 hours before dinner).

Weekly Totals: 74+ miles, 9hrs:10. Recovery from the race seems to be going well, so I should be able to get back to higher intensity training mode very soon.

Nice scenery during a Friday morning jog in sunny Sacramento, CA

The scenic American River

A friday afternoon wine tour (with Stephanie, Kathryn, mom)

Pre-dawn at the race start (with Cynthia, Stephanie, Kathryn)

Just before the race start (with Matt Flaherty)

In downtown Sacramento the evening before the race

The finish line of the American River 50

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