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04/22 - 04/28

Following the Mad City 50km, my legs felt just fine (that is, no serious muscle soreness). This is probably due in large part to the fact that I had an easy week prior to the race so as to let me bum knee rest. But, as expected I suppose, my knee was again giving me problems post-race. Here goes:

Monday (Apr. 22): off. My legs feel fine. If it weren't for my knee feeling like hell, I'd have been running today.
Tuesday (Apr. 23): off. Knee feeling better; I'll have a go tomorrow.
Wednesday (Apr. 24): PM 16 miles, 1hr:53, 7:34/mile, 16 x out-and-back sled hill, Turville Park. 3 mile warm up; 3 mile cool down; 10 miles of hill work with a half mile easy jog around a flat loop after repeats 4, 8, 12. The hill repeats were run on the front and backside of a nice 50 foot hill in the woods: 1/2 mile out-and-back, 100' of climbing per repeat (1,600' total). The "out" portion is a gradual, rolling, climb over .18 miles followed by a sharp descent over .07 miles; the "back" portion starts with the sharp climb and then follows with the gradual, rolling descent. My knee actually felt good throughout, but was again sore by the end of the day.
Thursday (Apr. 25): PM 6+ miles, Ice Age Trail, Kettle Moraine State Park. My knee/hip wasn't feeling great today but I wanted to see the trails where the IAT50 is taking place, so I drove about an hour SE. Unfortunately, however, I only made it about a half mile before I realized that I couldn't do anything close to a serious run (I was finding it difficult, i.e. painful, to maintain about 9:00/mile pace, and more painful still to do anything faster). So I mostly hiked and jogged occasionally for about an hour and a half. Good to see some of the trail, bad that the injury isn't going away. As you can imagine, I'm not particularly pleased as of now.
Friday (Apr. 26): AM 1100m swim. The plan is to stay off the feet as much as possible until Ice Age.
Saturday (Apr. 27): AM/PM 2400m swim. More time in the pool.
Sunday (Apr. 28): AM/PM 3800m swim. Ironman distance swim. The injury seems to be much improved, and I was able to play sand volleyball without problems, but I know that I need to stay away from running as of yet.

Weekly Totals: ~22 miles running, ~3hrs:30; ~4.5 miles swimming, ~2hrs:20. And LOTS of strength/core work. A mostly uneventful week. The only upshots are these: (a) I really only missed 3-5 days of hard training for the IAT50 and (b) the extra rest over these 3 weeks leading up to the race may leave me very prepared (i.e. well rested). The main worry at this point is that my knee won't be 100%. We'll see what happens, but I'm optimistic.

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