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06/10 - 06/16

The first serious week of a long (2.5 month) training block started this week. Here goes:

Monday (June 10): PM 6 miles, :43, starting the week off easy.
Tuesday (June 11): AM 7 miles, 15 x 200m repeats @ 34 - 38 seconds with 120m easy jog between repeats; PM 7 miles, 18minutes x 20/40 workout, the workout amounted to three miles at about six minute/mile pace.
Wednesday (June 12): AM 10 miles, easy recovery miles in 1hr:14.
Thursday (June 13): AM 6 miles+, 3 x mile repeat at the Jerseyville Middle School track. Easy repeats at 6:05, 6:00, 5:33; PM 8.5 miles, 1hr:02.
Friday (June 14): AM 6 miles easy, easy miles in about :45; PM 6 miles, easy miles in about :45
Saturday (June 15): AM/PM 24 miles, 3hrs:21 on the Lewis and Clark Trails. 2,500' of ascent over the course of three, 8 mile loops (loop 1 in 66:15; loop 2 in 66:01; loop 3 in 69:20).
Sunday (June 16): AM 7.5 miles, GO! St. Louis All American 5k, 16:36, 15th place. My legs were smoked after yesterday's effort, and the week's effort cumulatively, but I was happy to run some fast miles at a fun event. Thanks to my family members that made it out to watch!; PM 5+ miles, :40 easy late in the evening.

Weekly Totals: 93 miles, 11hrs:35. Starting to bump up the mileage this week and reintroducing speed work. I'll continue with the miles and speed work next week, and I'll introduce some hill repeats as well. Another 5k next weekend too, only this time it will be Saturday, and so before a long run--should be quite a bit faster!

PLUS: if you missed the link to a great review on some awesome shoes (the Salomon Sense Mantras), see HERE.

Impressive stuff (note: this is not me skiing).

Good ol' country road runnin' outside Dow, IL.

Ready to run the 5k with Kevin Melnuk.

A brazen deer.

Post-race with my cousin and dad (thanks to Lynne Kloster for the photo).

Finisher's medal.

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