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Flagstaff Running (July, Part 2)

Below is a sometimes detailed, and sometimes sparse, account of my daily runs in and around Flagstaff during the second half of July. I was able to cover 262 miles in the last 17 days of July (and 445 miles for the month) for an average of 15.4 miles per day (many of these miles being shared with Brian Condon). While most of the descriptions and details are unimportant, the pictures are certainly worth browsing. So, save yourself some time, and enjoy the pictures! Here's a week-by-week breakdown during the second half of July:

July W3 Total: 120 miles, 14,800' ascent

07/15: PM 6 miles, Palo Duro Canyon, TX
The second largest canyon in the United States (second only to...?)
07/16: PM 12 miles, 2,300' ascent, 1hr:48, Albuquerque, NM
I was able to store all the essentials in just my shorts, thanks to RaceReady!

The Sandia Mountains.
07/17: AM 14.5 miles, 2,400' ascent, Mt. Elden summit via Oldham Trail; PM 6.5 miles, 600' ascent, easy miles on Schultz Creek Trail.
Hurtin' at altitude (about 8,300' here). 
Some of the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, AZ.
07/18: AM 14 miles, 1,500' ascent; PM 7 miles, 700' ascent
07/19: AM 12 miles, 1,400' ascent
07/20: AM/PM 31 miles, 3,700' ascent, 4hrs:52, Schultz Creek Trail to Weatherford Trail to Kachina Trail to Arizona Trail and back down Schultz Creek.
Beautiful views along the Kachina Trail. 
An Aspen field around 9,000'.

More of the San Francisco Peaks.

Another shot during a long day on the trails.

Fueling up.
07/21: PM 17 miles, 2,900' ascent, 2hrs:50, Mt. Elden summit via Brookbank Trail.
A storm rolls in as I approach Mt. Elden. 
More miles, more splendid views.
July W4 Total: 93 miles, 14,710' ascent

07/22: PM 10 miles, 1,000' ascent, easy miles on Schultz Creek Trail.
07/23: off
07/24: AM 4 miles, 400' ascent; PM 10 miles, 800' ascent
07/25: AM 10 miles, 3,360' ascent, 2hrs:26 (1hr:28 on the ascent, :58 on the descent), Humphrey's Peak summit via Humphrey's Trail; PM 8 miles, 700' ascent
The highest point in AZ.
An ideal morning to take in the scenary. 
Agassiz Peak, as seen from Humphrey's Peak. 
Enjoying the morning. 
Another shot of Agassiz, on the way down the Weatherford Trail.
07/26: AM 9 miles, 2,850' ascent, Mt. Elden summit via Elden Lookout Trail; PM 9 miles, 800' ascent, easy miles.
Looking down on East Flagstaff from the intersection of the Sunset and Heart Trails.
Worn out, per usual.  
Brian, enjoying himself.
07/27: AM 15 miles, 2,600' ascent, Mt. Elden summit via Brookbank Trail.
07/28: AM 18 miles, 1,200' ascent, faster single track (7:41/mile).

Last 3-days of July Total: 49 miles, 6,800' ascent

07/29: AM 4 miles, :30, easy miles.
07/30: AM 20 miles, 4,800' ascent, 4hrs:13, Kachina Trail to Weatherford Trail to Doyle's Saddle; summit at Humphrey's Peak and then down Humphrey's Trail to Snowbowl. An epic adventure!
An early morning start near Snowbowl, AZ.
Soaking in the views on the Kachina Trail.

Some sights while charging up the Weatherford Trail.
Battling the sun.  
Some of the San Francisco Peaks on the North side of Agassiz. 
More views along the Weatherford Trail. 
Approaching Doyle's Saddle. 
And that's a summit!
Summit #2 for the trip (never easy).
07/31: AM/PM 25 miles, 2,000' ascent, 3hrs:34, big loop on the Arizona Trail.
Running like bandits under the tracks on the Arizona Trail.
The San Francisco peaks, as seen from Southeast Flagstaff along the Arizona Trail. 
Canyon viewing while getting some relief. 
Finishing up a long day.
Surviving the wilderness. 
A view from the campsite. 
Month of July Total: 445 miles, at least 36,310' ascent. One heck of a good month, with more miles and climbing to come in the month of August.

Sundry other photos from my visit to Flagstaff (with the exclusion of photos from the Grand Canyon, which I'll post separately):

Climbing red rocks in Sedona, AZ. 
Making progress. 
Beautiful Sedona views.

A nice way to spend the afternoon. 
Storms brewing over the red rocks of Sedona.
Cousin Drew, doing some photographing. 
Clear Creek Reservoir, near Winslow, AZ.
Cousin Chris, enjoying the sun. 
Crazies, cliff jumpin'.

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